Our programmes are focused on our four key areas of concern: Mentoring; Education; Economic Empowerment; and Health & Wellness. We call them our Four for the Future.  We believe that providing leadership on these four areas is the key to the growth and prosperity of our youth and our community.

Click on any of those areas to find out more about our programmes.

Our Community Mentoring Programme is accredited and highly acclaimed. Children 10+ are taken through a life-skills programme covering important topics like self-esteem, goal setting, money management, succeeding at school, social media, and more.
Economic Empowerment is one of the fundamental needs for the development of any community. Our Business Programme is based on the ethos of empowering entrepreneurs to build sustainable world-beating businesses that make real profit, grow, and create a business legacy for our children and community.
Education remains the central means of the advancement of our youth. With cuts and challenges in the public education system, it is more important than ever for community organisations to support parents and young people to build their capacity to learn and succeed at school.
Our health & wellness programme is designed to educate and encourage people to take charge of their health, by focusing on topics like fitness & nutrition, diabetes, prostate cancer, hypertension, breast cancer, sickle cell anaemia, and other conditions.

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