“Small Acts multiplied by millions can transform the world.” ~ Howard Zinn

Our organisation is completely run by volunteers. From the delivery of our Mentoring and Education programmes, through to our community events & activities and the day-to-day operations that make an organisation work – all volunteers. You may not have the time, but would you be willing to help in other ways?


Friends of the 100

You may admire the tireless work done by our mentors and volunteers on our various programmes, but what people don’t always realise is that our organisation receives no core or project funding from government or other funders. In fact, our members contribute a monthly donation (on top of their time) to maintain our financial independence. Through our Friends of the 100 programme we are inviting individuals who see the importance and impact of our work to head over to our Just Giving and setup a monthly donation.

Corporate Partnerships

Our ethos and approach to improving our community is centred on meaningful relationships on individual, family and organisational levels. That’s exactly why with our Corporate Partnership programmes we ensure that the relationship is as mutually beneficial as possible. If having access to a diverse group of members and volunteers that have a wealth of experience in Leadership and Mentoring to pass on, as well as being able to align your corporate brand with a revered community-based charity, email info@100bmol.org.uk.

In-kind Support

Sometimes, the most valuable form of support doesn’t require finance. In fact, for our organisation to continue to do the great work that we do, there is always a need for venues for us to run workshops, hold events and do fitness activities. Resources such as food, drink and equipment that help us to deliver our work to a high standard whilst being accommodating are also a great help. If you are able to support in such a way – or provide professional services on a pro-bono basis – then please email info@100bmol.org.uk.

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