There is no greater act than to take on responsibility that isn’t expected of you.

This Father’s Day – 17th June 2018 for anyone who needs reminding – the 100 Black Men of London are partnering with Father Figure to deliver our annual Quality Time event. It is going to be a hit!

We all know the significance of having strong male role models and support from great men in the lives of our young people. But none of this is as significant as the great women and mothers being able to have a day to themselves. The truth shall prevail people.

So, Quality Time with the 100 Black Men of London is the answer to all of this. This year we are taking it up a gear by supporting our friends at Father Figure and bringing our great people, great fun and great energy to a community funday being run that has a whole host of activities available from sports tournaments, to educational workshops to arts and crafts to performing arts and more.

There truly is just one thing you have to do. Register (oh, and then attend of course).

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