Should children be allowed privacy in their parent’s home?

Should parents have a say in who their children’s friends are?

Our annual debate, Audience with Our Children took place on the 19th May and was preceded by so much excitement, interest and intrigue (and of course nervousness if you ask the parents).

One of few opportunities that young people and parents get to openly share and discuss their perspectives on topics that of directly affect or include one another – in an environment that is safe and non-judgemental – Audience With Our Children is always one of our most exciting events in the calendar.

This year, it certainly didn’t disappoint! As you can imagine, it took a while for some of the young Diamonds to get warm and begin to really speak their mind but once they did … they were a force to be reckoned with! Admittedly proud parents were toying with feeling grateful, surprised and honoured all at the same time.

Topics that involved young people’s commitment to their education and careers were of course something that Parents had a lot to say about. Unsurprisingly (to us anyway) the young people were appreciative of their parents’ willingness to care and support them in this area of life, but they were not scared to be honest about the need for freedom to make mistakes, try new things and see what works best for them as opposed to following a prescribed path.

When it came to conversations about household responsibilities and contributions, we may have had some young people fabricating the level of input they have toward household chores, but it was amazing to see how many parents were ready and willing to involve young people in decision making processes; as well as how many young people got the importance of understanding and embracing these responsibilities in order to prepare themselves for later life.

Overall, the whole day was a great success and truly showed why the Community Mentoring Programme, Parents in Partnership Programme and Youth Leadership Academy are pivotal to the success of individuals and families in our community

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